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Protect Your Transaction

Protect Your Transaction…..otherwise known as PYT.

Realtor, Erin Child, Real Estate Agent serving Scottsdale, Arizona and the Phoenix Metropolitan area is a Certified PYT (Protect Your Transaction) REALTOR and is happy to announce the new way of preparing you for your new home purchase.  The financing part of buying a home can be complicated and confusing, however once you choose to participate with the PYT Buyer Credit Approval service, it will make your home buying experience easier.
So what is Protect Your Transaction?  What is PYT?  PYT is a service that will be changing the real estate industry, one home at a time.  Instead of waiting till the end of escrow to obtain your Underwriting credit approval, your home loan will be Buyer Credit Approval upfront.  
As the video describes, YOU the buyer,  have additional built in assurances as well, such as the
Protect Your TransactionSM (PYTSM) – $10,000 Lender Performance Commitment!

Protect Your TransactionSM provides all parties to a real estate transaction with peace of mind that the Lender will deliver on its commitment to close on time. Take a moment to learn more about PYTSM in this article, and then ask the obvious question:

Why would I use a lender that doesn’t provide a PYTSM Commitment?

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